Health Education England have partnered with the Managed Procurement Services team at Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust, to deliver a range of support for employers to increase their uptake of Apprenticeships following the Sainsbury education reforms. This provides a range of local, regional and national support services including the procurement of apprenticeship providers, the management of apprenticeship provider quality and engagement, and the contracting process, all of which have delivered considerable savings for employers in terms of reducing procurement cost, and also in launching a number of innovative delivery programmes for apprenticeships to support both small and large professions.

Salisbury frequently work in partnership with professional bodies, and NHS trusts, STPs / ICSs, and wider regional systems, as well as organisations such as London Councils, the Association of Directors of Social Services, the Ambulance Chief Executives Association, Public Health England, NHS Leadership Academy and NHS EI, and non health / social care bodies such as the Financial Conduct Authority.

Salisbury also partner with organisations such as YPO for the delivery of wider programmes, as well as working outside education in areas such as energy, professional services and commercial retail.

Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust are therefore a Contracting Authority within the meaning of the Public Contract Regulations 2015, and are able to make procurements available to other public organisations.

For more information visit: SMPS Education Procurement Guide Issue Dec 20