What is the Apprenticeship Levy?

Levy Transfer Expression of Interest

Health Education England offers a free match-making service to broker Levy transfer opportunities.

The transfer opportunity provides a way to productively utilise unspent Levy funds to support wider regional workforce skills and development needs or to engage with employers in your existing supply chain. Up to 25% of unspent Levy funds can be transferred to other Levy paying, or non-Levy paying organisations. Transfers of Levy funds can also be made to multiple organisations.

Further general information about the Levy transfer opportunity and details of how to transfer Levy funds are available here:

Employers who wish to receive a transfer must have identified a named apprentice/s, a specific apprenticeship programme, start date, training provider/HEI and already have a National Apprenticeship Service Account set up.

Your regional HEE Talent for Care Relationship Manager for Apprenticeships can assist with this process.

Please click here to download the expression of interest form

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Q. Where do you go to set up the Digital Apprenticeship Service (DAS) account?


Q. Can privately owned care and nursing homes receive levy transfer from NHS employers?

A. Yes, any sector can receive levy transfers from NHS employers provided the employer is willing to transfer..

Q. Is it more complicated to accept levy transfer from non-NHS employers e.g. a local insurance employer has offered to transfer levy to employers in our ICS - would this be straight forward?

A. The process should be the same regardless of which sector an employer is, so it shouldn't be more complicated to set up a levy transfer with organisations that aren’t NHS employers.

Q. If I transfer funds to another employer and then run out of levy, can I request a transfer myself?

A. Any organisation that has transferred levy funds out to another organisation cannot then receive levy transfer from another organisation. Equally, an organisation that has received levy transfer cannot then transfer levy out to another organisation.

Q. Can a Trust make a levy transfer to a wholly owned subsidiary of the same Trust e.g. an LLP which has its own levy account?

A. Generally speaking, connected companies should be managed through the same DAS account and you may have to merge levy accounts if they are not already connected. If they remain separate, then the apprenticeship service would recognise them as separate organisations and therefore you could transfer from one to the other (following the same rules as any other 2 organisations).

Q. If the apprentice failed EPA 1st time who pays the EPA resit cost? Sender or receiving company?

A. This would be outside of the levy cost so would be the receiving employer who has this liability. We would advise that all employers ensure that the training provider they select offer free resits in advance to mitigate this risk.

Q. As an employer looking to request a levy transfer how do we know who we can connect with to receive the levy?

A. You can use the HEE transfer request process or speak to your local council or Local Enterprise Partnership who will possibly have a transfer brokerage model in place too.

Q. Do you have to go through the matchmaking service via HEE/ local authorities or can you just work directly with your local partner organisations?

A. You can go directly through your own partner organisations if you have contacts already.

Q. Are both “Non-Levy” and “Levy Paying” employers required sign up to the DAS?

A. In order to access transferred levy both would be required to has a DAS account. Long term, all apprenticeships will be managed through the DAS even if using the co-investment model without levy.

Q. Can you gift levy to say to a non-levied employer who is looking to use apprenticeships but are unsure when they are looking for the apprentices to commence course?

A. You can commit to gift the levy, but any actual transfer can only be made when the apprentice is ready to start their programme.

Q. If apprentices are not stopped in a timely manner will the levy paying employer be reimbursed to their account?

A. No, although the ESFA will audit training providers and reclaim funding that has been claimed falsely

Q. Can training hubs accept a levy transfer on behalf of primary care organisations or does the money have to go directly through the employer?

A. Transfers must go directly to the employer of the apprentice who will need their own DAS account.

Q. Is there any experience nationally of advanced practice and physician associate apprenticeships within general practice surgeries being funded through levy transfer?

A. At the time of writing, the Physician Associate apprenticeship is not being widely used in any setting but there are cases where ACPs have started in Primary Care using levy transfer. Further useful information relating to Primary care and apprenticeships can be found here:

Q. Can you gift levy to a GP practice if you would then be the Provider to the apprentice, therefore generating income?

A. No this is against the levy transfer rules.

Q. When we transfer funding to another organisation, do they show on our DAS account?

A. The employer who is transferring money would see that you are transferring to another employer but wouldn’t see details of the apprentice.

Q. Is it a common issue to get the levy transfer set up before the start date with the provider?

A. Yes, this can be an issue. Your local HEE Relationship Manager can assist in speeding up the process, but we recommend you connect the training provider, the receiver and the giver of the levy to ensure a smooth process.

Q. Can a transferring employer dictate which training provider the receiving employer uses?

A. Transferring employers can't dictate which training provider the receiving employer uses, though they may offer suggestions if asked. There are also frameworks of providers that we have procured regionally and nationally so if you are looking for a provider of a specific apprenticeship, you can speak to your Relationship Manager who might be able to share a list of providers for you to select from.

Q. How do we find out who our service manager is?