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    Following the success of the Portfolio Scheme over the last two years the Black Country and West Birmingham STP Primary Care Workforce have taken the opportunity to undertake an appreciative inquiry to review the successes and how the scheme can be redesigned to offer more opportunities for the wider clinical workforce.

    The new portfolio career scheme is open to all Primary Care Network (PCNs) within the Black Country and West Birmingham footprint and provides a financial incentive to PCNs to upskill their clinical workforce to work differently or expand their current services within their PCN. The financial incentive will be available until March 2021.

    The PCN are encouraged to consider, clinical priorities and health population needs affecting their area and where opportunities could exist for their clinical workforce, whether this is through GPS, Nurses, Clinical Pharmacists or Physician Associates.   This is a great opportunity for PCNs to develop a portfolio package which can enhance skills and knowledge as well as invest in their workforce.

    The concept of portfolio careers is to develop flexible career opportunities whilst retaining clinical staff, as this strengthens and develops areas of specialities for both the individual(s) and PCN. The staff benefit from funded support and career development, whilst the PCN benefits by increased clinical workforce with specialisms and most importantly the patient population benefit from more specialised care closer to home.

    To take forward a portfolio career the first step would be to discuss your portfolio interest with your PCN Director to obtain their support.  It is important that discussions with the PCN Director take place to ensure the portfolio interest is in line with clinical priorities and health population needs and that clear plans are developed, providing evidence of how skills and knowledge will be used to support the PCN and patient population. We also recommend linking in with the CCG to discuss and work through developed ideas to ensure that potential changes in services are considered and managed appropriately.

    For further information on portfolio careers please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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