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    Advanced Nurse Practitioners (ANP) are Registered Nurses who have undergone a 3-year Masters level Advanced Clinical Practice programme, and have registered their independent prescribing qualification with the NMC.

    The care they give will align to the 4 pillars of advanced practice:

    • Clinical practice

    • Facilitating learning

    • Leadership

    • Evidence, research and development

    The role itself may vary from practice to practice depending on local needs, however ANPs will typically provide acute services within a practice e.g.:

    • Triage

    • Minor ailment and injury treatment

    • General acute medical consultations

    • Prescribing of medication

    • Referrals

    They may also provide specialist medical services e.g.:

    • Advanced diabetes care

    • Advanced respiratory care

    • Sexual health and contraception care e.g. fitting and removing of coils and implants

    • Minor surgery

    • Research

    They will also provide a leadership role within their practice or PCN and mentor junior staff members and trainee ANPs.

    Although the ANP qualification itself is not recorded on the NMC register for the individual nurse, the RCN are developing a system of quality assurance, called credentialling, for ANP training and qualifications.

    The professional standards of practice and behaviour contained within the NMC Code apply to the ANP role. In particular, this includes the sections on recognising and working within the limits of competence and the standards regarding keeping clear and accurate records. The ANP should be:

    • included in communication with the local medicines management team and have opportunity to review their own prescribing practice (such as the rate of antibiotic prescribing) and whether it is in line with local guidelines.

    • supported by the practice to stay up to date to fulfil the requirements of NMC re-registration (including revalidation) and part of a system of appraisal to identify and address future learning needs

    • supported within the practice and have a system for seeking help when necessary from a medical colleague. Ongoing clinical supervision may include reviewing patient consultation records and audit of the ANP's practice to benchmark against established best practice


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  • The Training Hub can offer support for ANPs to develop their skills at all stages of their career. This includes:

    • Funding support for specialist qualifications e.g. spirometry, sexual health diploma etc.

    • Development of and access to leadership programmes

    The hub also support Nurse Education and Networks across the whole locality both virtually and face to face (ADD LINK HERE)

  • The Black Country & West Birmingham GPN Strategy was formally launched in early October 2019.  

    You can access the Strategy here


    Royal College of Nursing


    Queen’s Nursing Institute


    Nursing and Midwifery Council



  • GPN Professional Lead - Liz Corrigan

     Liz Corrigan

    Liz will be working with practice nurses, HCAs and Nursing Associates to support professional development and quality improvement and ensure that nurses have a voice across all four CCGs and within PCNs.  Her work will be supported by GPN Champions, Training Hub Leads and staff working within each CCG.

    Liz has a background in practice nursing and has worked in and around practices in Wolverhampton and Dudley since 2003.

    E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    M: 07795 686725


    GPN Champions

    The Black Country & West Birmingham STP has appointed 11 General Practice Nurse Champions.

    This is an exciting opportunity for nurses from across the Black Country & West Birmingham to become leaders in their Primary Care Networks, represent their nursing colleagues and support the development of the nursing workforce.

    The GPN Champions will have dedicated time to develop opportunities for nurses within their PCNs and across their CCGs and to share good practice across the STP.

    You can access the GPN Champions' details by clicking here

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