• FREE Access to the exciting and innovative Phoenix GP programme that:-

    • Provides career development pathways through motivation, developing transferable skills & exposure to new opportunities.
    • Reduces the risk of burnout and improve GP retention by re-inspiring participants.
    • Creates a movement that generates positivity about general practice, re-energises GPs and turns the job back into a career.

    The programme consists of:-

    • Six evening events over six months
    • 3 hour sessions
    • Supper and refreshments included
    • One hour keynote speech and Q&A session with an inspirational GP or GP leader.
    • Skills workshops including topics such as fundamentals of quality improvement, change management, group facilitation, aim setting.
    • Strengths Finder assessment
    • Facilitated feedback and action planning

    Who can apply?

    • Any post 5 year qualified GP in a substantive role across the STP

    Note - demand may be high for the scheme and all GPs that apply to join the scheme may be subject to a panel decision based on an expression of interest process.

    How can I apply?

    Visit https://www.phoenixgp.co.uk/ and complete the online application form.

    When will the programme commence?

    March 2020 

    Some quotes from GPs who have accessed the scheme in other areas:-

    “…so excited to discover this program for mid-career GPs. There has been so much focus on First5s and late-career GPs and yet we are the ones right in the middle of it all. It’s great to have some investment and development opportunities”

    “…really excited about this 'middle years' opportunity. We’re all working really hard, we’re good at our job but we’re swamped by the day job.  I need this to focus my aims and use my time wisely and effectively to benefit colleagues and patients”

    “I’m acutely feeling the pressure and am facing burnout. I’m looking for ways to help me function effectively and safely.  Phoenix covers both personal resilience and leadership development which I hope will prepare me for the pressures of my job and give me inspiration and guidance on making my aims effective and achievable”














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