Visions and values

The Trust’s Vision is clearly set out and is supported by four key strategic objectives. Our organisational values were agreed through consultation with staff and form the basis of all our work:

World Class Service

  • Deliver a first class service which is responsive to individuals’ needs
  • Recognise and celebrate good performance by our staff
  • Strive to maintain a positive, safe, supportive and enjoyable work environment for all staff
  • Use our resources carefully, making sure that we provide the most cost-effective high quality service
  • Be trustworthy and consistently deliver on our promises

Patient Centred

  • Provide the highest quality service and care for our patients and their relatives within the available resources
  • Every member of staff will help to improve patient care, either directly or indirectly
  • Listen and respond to carers and staff
  • Learn from our successes and our mistakes and work to improve our service to patients at all times
  • Encourage staff to use their experiences to help develop the Trust and the services it provides to patients

Dignity and Respect for All

  • Show understanding of and respect for each other’s roles and the contribution each of us makes to the organisation
  • Promote equality of opportunity and celebrate diversity
  • Observe high standards of behaviour and conduct, making sure we are honest, open and genuine at all times, and are ready to stand up for what is right
  • Listen to and take on board the views, ideas and suggestions of others

Skilled Workforce

  • Recognise that our staff are our most valuable asset
  • Recognise and encourage the contribution and personal development of individuals
  • Ensure that we, through our good working practices retain and recruit staff of the highest quality
  • Encourage and support all staff in their personal development and training to increase and maintain their high levels of competency, skills and professionalism to meet their full potential regardless of role


  • Our Staff work closely with colleagues of all levels
  • Our staff make their views known and have them taken seriously
  • Promote teamwork and take a genuine interest in those whom we work with, offering support, guidance and encouragement when it is needed
  • Inspire each other to work together to create better services for our patients

Effective Communication

  • Open and honest in our communication with each other and with those outside the organisation
  • There is a two way flow of communication throughout the organisation
  • Plan our services and generate new ideas for service improvements in partnership with staff, patients and the community
  • Respect confidential and personal information about patients, their relatives and colleagues