Current Role

Emergency Medical Technician

How did you get to your current Role?

I first joined the Ambulance Service as a PTS Apprentice in Cheshire. upon completion of my Apprenticeship I was offered a full-time position within the Patient Transport Service (PTS). I then progressed to working as part of the Health Care Referral Team (HCRT) and shortly afterwards was offered the opportunity to undertake my AAP course leading to qualifying as an Emergency Medical Technician.

Current Role: Tactical Incident Commander Lead

How did you get to your current role?

I joined the Ambulance Service in 2002, on a Flourish trainee Technician contract. I have since

progressed through various roles, being fortunate enough to take great opportunities as they arose. I have attended numerous courses internally & externally giving me the exposure and knowledge to fulfil my current position.

Job Title


How did you get to your current role?

We both started out as PTS apprenticme where we qualified as paramedics.

Current Role

HR Advisor

How did you get your current role?

I started WMAS in September 2019 as a Trainee HR Advisor on s Fixed Term Contract, shortly after graduating with a Masters in

Human Resources Management and Business at Aston University. After approximately lyr and 6 month within the organisation, I managed to secure a permanent substantive contract as a HR Advisor. Working as a Trainee HR Advisor and obtaining a CIPD Level 7 qualification, as well as excellent mentoring from my HR colleagues, has helped me achieve my current role and to continue working closely with members of staff across the PTS and A&E sector.