Endless Possibilities

Through the Walsall Council Endless Possibilities programme, we want to support you and invest in your future career. The apprenticeship we have running here gives you the opportunity to join the largest employer in the borough.

Fire up your Career with an Apprenticeship

Would you like to earn and learn? Get a real job and kick start your future career?

Why not look at our fantastic Apprenticeship opportunities here at Walsall Council through our award winning Endless Possibilities Programme.

We have 400 Apprentices across the Council and our maintained schools and cover a wide range of Apprenticeships such as Teaching Assistants, Business Support, ICT and Digital, Project Management, Civil Engineering to name but a few.

As an Apprentice you will:

  • work alongside experienced staff
  • gain job-specific skills
  • earn a wage (we pay the national minimum wage for age) and get holiday pay plus a pension
  • study towards a recognised qualification with paid time off to study

An Apprenticeship is a real job, you are employed from day 1 and a very high percentage of our Apprentices continue into permanent employment. Apprenticeships are now available to all ages and at all levels including Higher and Degree Apprenticeships so if you are someone looking for a Career change then Apprenticeships may also be something for you!

One of our Apprentices – M says:

‘The Endless Possibilities programme has opened so many doors for me; it has been a great kick-start to my career in Customer Service. The help I have received has been overwhelming; I have been able to achieve many life goals since starting my Apprenticeship. I can positively say I am more confident in the way I present myself and have the ability to offer excellent Customer Service. I know it will only get better from here and I look forward to what the future holds for the rest of my career’.

For more information on Walsall Council’s Endless Possibilities programme go to our website.

Please ensure you follow us on Twitter @Walsall_Apps and our Endless Possibilities Facebook Page to keep up with all our Apprenticeship activities. Don’t forget there are hundreds more Apprenticeship vacancies with other employers across the Borough and beyond – go to Find an Apprenticeship and you can even search by your postcode to see what is available!

Walsall Council apprenticeship offer

The variety of Apprenticeships we offer are as follows:

Accountancy/Taxation Professional Level 7 Degree Apprenticeship

Employability Practitioner

Assistant Accountant level 3

Facilities Management

Associate Project Manager Higher Apprenticeship level 4

HR Consultant

Building Control Surveyor Degree Apprenticeship

HR Learning and Development

Business Administration level 3

Infrastructure Technician

Career Development Professional Degree Apprenticeship

Occupational Therapist Degree Apprenticeship

Chartered Management Degree Apprenticeship

Operations Management

Early Years Educator and Practitioner (level 3 and level 2)

Payroll Administrator

Children, Young People and Families (Practitioner level 4 and Manager level 5)

Personal Trainer

Civil Engineering Degree Apprenticeship

Professional Accounting

Commercial Procurement and Supply

Property Maintenance

Customer Service level 2 and 3

School Business Professional

Data Analyst

Social Work Degree Apprenticeship

Digital Marketing

Senior Leaders Degree Apprenticeship

Digital Degree Apprenticeship

Teaching Assistant

Teacher Degree Apprenticeship

Regulatory Compliance Higher Apprenticeship

Team Leading

Revenues and Welfare Benefits

Vehicle Maintenance and Repair

Waste Operative


To see all available apprentiships and to apply please visit:

View Walsall Council apprenticeships.

Case studies

Walsall Council apprenticeships

To see all available apprentiships and to apply please visit:

View Walsall Council apprenticeships.

Vision on future apprenticeship

Endless Possibilities are also looking at recruiting future Apprenticeships within the following areas:

  • Motor Vehicle
  • Environmental
  • Social Work
  • Business Administration
  • ICT/Digital
  • Customer Services
  • Property Maintenance/Caretaking within our Schools
  • Teaching Assistants
  • Early Years Educators and Practitioners
  • Town Planning
  • Civil Engineering