There are currently 64 apprenticeship standards across the Council spanning the diverse range of services we provide. These include plumbing and electrical, horticulture, LGV drivers, management and leadership programmes, digital apprenticeships, degree level apprenticeships in civil engineering, social work, occupational therapy. As well as the benefits apprenticeships bring to the individuals such as upskilling and career development, there are many benefits to the Council in contributing to a multi-skilled workforce.

At Dudley Council we are proud to have been placed 43rd in the top 100 apprenticeship employers across the whole country. This is a testament to our learners, their managers and the number of apprentices that have gone on to complete higher level apprenticeships as part of their career development pathway.

Through Dudley Council’s own apprenticeship scheme, there is the opportunity to join the largest employer in the borough, while gaining new skills with on the job training and recognised qualifications. Most jobs advertised are real vacancies as we look to develop you in a career. Vacancies for apprenticeships can happen all year round.

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In addition, look at how Black Country impact can help you apply for jobs, apply for apprenticeships, and find out about the government kickstart programme at Dudley

Transfer of unspent apprenticeship levy funds

Dudley Council is working with training providers including the local colleges as well as private providers to transfer our unspent apprenticeship levy to organisations within the borough, our “apprenticeship levy Business Support programme” where not only are we supporting local businesses but also local people who are taken on or upskilled as apprentices (with no age limit).

This scheme has been really successful as we have now committed our funds for more or less the next year, allowing a range of apprentices to be employed in our Dudley businesses. If you are a small employer who does not have access to apprenticeship funding please see our information page below; Fund to support businesses develop employees.