Apprenticeship offer – City of Wolverhampton Council

City of Wolverhampton Council offer a variety of different apprenticeships varying from Level 2 up to Level 7 which are listed below.

To see all available apprenticeship opportunities and to apply, please visit WM jobs.

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Adult Care Worker Level 2

Revenues and Welfare Benefits Practitioner Level 4

Customer Service Practitioner Level 2

Commercial Procurement and Supply Level 4

Assistant Accountant Level 3

Intelligence Analyst Level 4

Safety Health and Environment Technician Level 3

Policy Officer Level 4

Workplace Pensions (Administrator or consultant) Level 3

Data Analyst Level 4 

Business Administrator Level 3

Hospitality Manager Level 4

Learning mentor Level 3

Children, Young People and Families manager Level 5 

Leisure Duty Manager Level 3

Operations / Departmental Manager Level 5

Library, Information and Archive Assistant Level 3

Integrated Degree Apprenticeship for Social Worker Level 6

Team Leader/Supervisor Level 3

Building Control Surveyor Degree Apprenticeship Level 6

Customer Service Practitioner Level 3

Career Development Professional Level 6

Learning & Development Practitioner Level 3

Chartered Legal Executive Level 6

Associate Project Manager Level 4

Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship Level 6

Regulatory Compliance Officer Level 4

Chartered Surveyor Level 6 

Digital Marketer Level 6

Senior Leader Masters Degree Apprenticeship Level 7

Electrical & Electronic Engineering Level 6

Accountancy Taxation Professional Level 7

Chartered Town Planner Level 7

Digital Technology Solutions Specialist Level 7