My name is Lilyella Catalano-Jones, I'm a apprentice for Business Admin for Dudley CAMHS. I started my apprentice here in October 2020. The staff have made me feel most welcome especially starting in such difficult times, I really do feel part of the team. I have regular supervision with my line manager to review how I am getting on and any concerns can be discussed together. I also have a good relationship with both of my assessors for my college courses which are Business Admin and Maths. They guide and support me through my course, there is also good communication between my line manager and my assessors. I am so glad I was lucky enough to be chosen for this role and I am looking forward to see what the future brings with this amazing Trust

I started my apprenticeship in May 2019 with no experience and no confidence, but with intention’s to learn something new and step out my comfort zone, which is exactly what I done. I began my apprenticeship working with the Postgraduate Office at Bushey Fields Hospital where I have learnt simple things like using a printer, scanning and printing etc. to much more complex things. During my apprenticeship I watched myself grow in confidence and do things I never dreamt I had the confidence to do, therefore I knew I wanted to push myself more, which brings me to where I am at now. I have now finished my apprenticeship with a pass and currently remain in the Trust as a Trainee Medical Secretary.

I am so grateful for the opportunities I have been given and so glad to be continuing in a Trust that has helped me grow. I am looking forward to the pathways this has given me for the future!

“Starting in the trust as an apprentice gave me so many opportunities. It gave me great confidence in starting my career in administration in the NHS. I worked alongside a very supportive team who were great and made me feel so welcome. Following on from my apprenticeship I was given the opportunity to start a placement at CAMHS. I now have a permanent job here. Being an apprentice certainly puts a foot in the door for a whole journey of opportunities and great success”

At the start of 2020 The Healthworks Team committed to support DWP with an exciting initiative to provide mentoring. The Mentoring Circles Programme uses positive role models to support young jobseekers to build their confidence, aspirations and employability.